Couples and Family Counseling

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What are the benefits of Marriage Counseling?

Marriage and Family Therapy play a crucial role in helping individuals navigate through relationship challenges and strengthen their bonds with loved ones. It provides a safe space for couples and families to address issues, improve communication, and work towards building healthier relationships.
One of the key benefits of marriage counseling is improving communication between partners. Through guided sessions, couples can learn effective communication techniques that help them express their feelings and needs more clearly, leading to better understanding and connection.
Counseling also focuses on strengthening relationships by addressing underlying issues that may be causing tension or conflict. By working with a trained counselor, couples can develop healthier ways of relating to each other and build a stronger foundation for their relationship.
Therapists specializing in marriage and family counseling help clients navigate through relationship problems, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and work towards rebuilding trust and understanding within the family unit. During couples counseling, both partners have the opportunity to share their perspectives in a neutral setting. The counselor helps facilitate productive discussions, identify patterns of behavior, and guide the couple toward finding solutions that work for them.
By investing in couples counseling, individuals can work towards building healthier relationships, improving communication, and finding resolutions to conflicts. The guidance provided by trained professionals can offer valuable insights and tools to strengthen bonds and create a more harmonious family environment.

Is relational counseling covered by Insurance? 

Couples and Marriage Therapy can be an invaluable resource for couples and families facing challenges. However, it's important to note that insurance does not cover couples and family counseling, highlighting the need for individuals to seek these counseling services outside of their insurance coverage.
Unfortunately, Insurance companies do not consider relational issues to fall under the category of medically necessary treatments, which pose a financial hurdle for those seeking professional help to navigate their relationship difficulties.
While some insurance companies allow billing codes for family therapies, it only allows for a partner or other family member to be present in individual therapy sessions as collateral or support for the person receiving mental health therapy. While this can offer some level of support, the focus of the treatment must be on resolving individual mental health diagnoses. It does not address the specific dynamics and concerns that arise within the context of relationships.
As such, individuals and couples exploring marriage and family counseling should consider their options carefully and be prepared to invest in their relationship well-being outside of traditional insurance coverage. Navigating the complexities of insurance coverage for marriage and family counseling can be challenging, but it's essential to prioritize your mental health and well-being. Seeking professional help from qualified counselors or therapists who specialize in relational issues can make a significant difference in strengthening your relationships.

Payment Options for Marriage and Family Therapy

We accept credit card payments for couples therapy. You can also use an HSA or FSA card to pay for Individual, Couples, or Family Counseling. We also accept Wellspring EAP which could help pay for some of the sessions.